George Kyrillos
Born in 12/6/1956 he studied musical composition as a protégé of the late Egyptian musician Aziz EL-Shawan, and studied conducting under the supervision of the world renowned musical conductor Yousef El-Sisi. Geroge Kyrillos obtained his baccalaureate in musical composition and orchestral conducting in 1992. He taught musical sciences at the Academy of Arts and the faculty of musical education.
George Kyrillos specialized in religious music, so he founded the David Ensemble in 1975. He also conducted several groups such as “The Coptic Church Orchestra and Choir” and “Nazer El-Ilah Orchestra and Choir” through which he presented religious works in new orchestral forms.

In addition, he had put the theme music for three religious films for the great director Samir Seif.

He was also able to write the tradition of Coptic hymns in musical notation in an accurate scientific way, and presented it through David Ensemble in a deep spiritual style in a lot of performances inside Egypt and abroad in France and Sweden, and made able to penetrate the souls of people of different races overcoming the barrier of utterance.

George Kyrillos has recently wrote a book titled “Coptic Hymns, its music and spirituality”, which is under publishing and held several symposia to discuss the everlasting tradition of Coptic hymns.

Currently George Kyrillos is working as a professor of “Coptic / Pharonic Music” in Helwan University – Egypt.

• In April 2013, he delivered a lecture in St. Tikhon University in Moscow, Russia.
• In 18 Oct. 2011, he delivered a Lecture at Russian State University of Humanity at Moscow, Russia.
• In 21 Oct. 2011, he delivered a Lecture at Dom Compositor at Moscow, Russia.
• In Sep. 2010, he delivered a Lecture at The Coptic Church of Fort Mayer – Florida, USA.
• In June 2005 he participated in a global conference about “The Theory and History of the Mediterranean Music” in Thessalonica - Greece.
• In Dec. 2004 he delivered a Lecture at The Coptic Church of El Khartoum – Sudan.
• In Nov. 2001, he participated in a special TV program about Coptic Music at Lebanon

Through an explanatory prologue to each hymn, George Kyrillos used to enlighten the essence behind the tunes of Coptic Hymnology providing a scientific overview of the concerts performed by the Choir and Orchestra "David Ensemble" which he conducted at the following countries:

• In Apr 2013, concert in St. Petersburg, Russia.
• In Jul 2012, concert In St. Petersburg, Russia.
• In Jun 2012, concert In Moscow, Russia Manage Hall.
• In Dec 2011, at Thessaloniki Concert Hall of Thessaloniki, Greece.
• In Aug 2008, at Sofia Church and City Hall of Stockholm.
• In Sep 2001, at "Unesco" in Paris.
• In Jan 2000, at "Arab World Institute" in Paris and in AGD Theatre, France.
• In Aug 2000, at "Expo 2000" in Hanover.
• In Nov 2000, at St. Mark Church in "Milan & Venice and at Egyptian Academy in Roma".
• In Jun 1997, at "Re Orient Festival" in Stockholm.
• In Dec 1995, at "Festival of Sacred Arts" in Paris.

Graduated from Ein Shams University in 1981 - Faculty of Engineering – (Mechanical Power Deptartment)

Current position
Deputy project Director
Grand Egyptian Museum
Besix – Orascom J V

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